Utpal Bora

(/ʊtpɒl bɒrʌ/) (He / Him)

PhD candidate, Compilers, CSE, IIT Hyderabad, Kandi, Sangareddy, India, 502285

I am a final year doctoral student at IIT Hyderabad, India. My research area is Programming Languages and Compiler Optimizations. Currently I am working on bug detection in concurrent programs using the LLVM compiler infrastructure. My research interests also include parallel computing, performance tools for parallel computing, scheduling and automatic parallelization, automatic vectorization, developing diagnostic tools for HPC, static analysis, program verification, and polyhedral compilation techniques.

I am looking for a postdoc position starting summer 2021.


  • Graduation Year
  • MTech in Computer Science and Engineering, 2018 IIT Hyderabad
  • Graduation Year
  • BTech in Electronics and Communication Engineering, 2009 NIT Jalandhar